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Closing…In the beginning

And now for the most fun and wacky part of the transaction process……CLOSING. As nerve wracking as the closing can be with the myriad details to deliver by a looming deadline, it is truly the most fun and satisfying part… Continue Reading →

Real Estate Due Diligence: An Overview

A wise client once told me that “nothing happens without funding,” and this client has gone from a net worth of ZERO to over $300M in fewer than twenty years by following his own mantra. I am going to show… Continue Reading →

More about “back-of-the-napkin” valuation

In a previous blog post, I talked about a basic back-of-the napkin approach to valuation based on the mantra of a wise and rich client, “If the deal can’t be written on the back of a napkin it’s too complicated”…. Continue Reading →

The Importance of Data Standards

The real estate crowdfunding industry needs more ways to efficiently view and compare investment opportunities. There are over one hundred real estate crowdfunding platforms, but unfortunately, there is currently very little consistency among the data available on these websites. Different… Continue Reading →

More about Due Diligence…….and Funding

In a previous blog on Due Diligence (DD), I talked about nine major categories of DD items and 63 minor items on the DD checklist, such as Contract, Property Data, Marketing, Title and Survey, Operations, Financial Data, Tenant Review, Financing,… Continue Reading →

What is an Accredited Investor, and Why Does it Matter?

In a previous post, I used the term “accredited investor.” You may have wondered if this designation has something to do with an exam-based certification; it’s actually a very specific definition for what could be casually referred to as a… Continue Reading →

Nothing happens without funding…..and Due Diligence

A wise client once told me that “nothing happens without funding,” and this client has gone from a net worth of ZERO to over $300M in less than twenty years by following this mantra. I am going to show you… Continue Reading →

What is the JOBS Act?

I believe that President Obama’s greatest legacy might turn out to be a securities law known as the JOBS Act. According to, “The JOBS Act was the single largest change to regulations affecting investment offerings by small companies since… Continue Reading →

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

You may have heard of a new financial concept called real estate crowdfunding and wondered what it’s all about. You probably assume that it’s similar to websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo that allow individuals to contribute to startup companies and… Continue Reading →

A Response to Steven Dresner – Part Two

This is Part Two of my response to Steven Dresner’s recent post on the Series D blog. You can read Part One here. 6. Uglier and uglier inventory. Dresner says he has noticed “a major deterioration of quality in deal offering.” There is some… Continue Reading →

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